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First Dance Bonus!

Turn Your Drop-In into a Membership Discount!
Join a membership after your first drop-in and we'll deduct that class's cost from your membership. Welcome to the Latin Roots family—turn your dance passion into a lifestyle. Start with a drop-in, and step up with savings!

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Book Your Drop-In Pass in a Few Easy Steps!

  1. Begin Your Dance Journey: Hit the ‘Buy Now’ button to start.
  2. Tell Us About You: Fill out the quick form with your details.
  3. Secure Your Spot: Complete the payment to confirm your pass.
  4. Welcome to the Family: Post-purchase, you’ll be redirected to our Members Portal.
  5. Schedule at Your Leisure: In the Portal, book the classes you want.

Smooth steps to joining the Latin Roots dance floor. Any questions? We’re here to assist. Let’s get dancing!

Drop-In Pass

  • Drop-In

    £ 15 Valid for one class
  • Benefits

    Valid for any of our weekly classes.

    7 days duration from the date of purchase


Drop-In Booking Policy

Drop-In Booking Policy at Latin Roots

Quick Steps to Salsa & Bachata:

  • Non-Refundable Passes: Purchase your pass and hit the dance floor—no strings attached! Please note, all sales are final.
  • One-Week Rhythm: Your pass is valid for any class within 7 days from purchase, offering you the flexibility to dance on your terms.
  • Individual Use: Your pass is for your feet only and cannot be transferred.
  • Expiry: Join us promptly; expired passes cannot be extended or reactivated.

Dance on in—Latin Roots is excited to welcome you to our family of dance enthusiasts!

Can I drop in for a beginners' class?

We’re glad you’re interested in starting your dance journey with us! Our beginners’ classes are designed as comprehensive 4-week courses to provide a solid foundation and the best possible learning experience, so we don’t offer drop-in options for these classes. Plus, our beginners’ courses are not only structured for optimal learning but also offer great value at only £60 for 8 classes – that’s less than £8 per class! We encourage you to explore this affordable option to fully immerse yourself in the rhythms of salsa and bachata. Get started and find more details on our Beginners Courses Page.

Is there a bonus if I decide to join after my drop-in class?

Yes, indeed! If your drop-in class leaves you longing for more, we’ll discount the cost of that class from your new membership. It’s our way of saying “Welcome to the family!” and making it even easier to keep dancing with us at Latin Roots.

Take the step, and let your first dance lead to many more!

How can I purchase a drop-in class?

Joining the dance floor at Latin Roots is just a few steps away! To secure your drop-in pass:

  • On This Page: You’re in the right place! Simply purchase your drop-in pass here — it’s valid for 7 days, giving you a week of rhythmic freedom.
  • Through Our Timetable: Feel the music and select your session directly by visiting our Timetable, where you can book your class instantly.

Whichever way you choose, your pass opens up a week of dance discovery. We’re excited to see you take the floor!

How do I check the schedule for drop-in classes?

Finding your next dance session is easy! Glide over to our Timetable where you can view all the upcoming classes. Choose the one that strikes a chord with your salsa soul or bachata spirit and join us for an unforgettable dance experience.

Step to the beat of your schedule with Latin Roots!

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