About Us

Latin Roots Values

Latin Roots is a dance community created for people who want to be part of a family of friendly and interesting individuals who love to socialize and know how to have fun through Latin Dancing. It is also the perfect place to find sincere friends and maybe even the love of your life! After all, that’s how the founders of Latin Roots met!

It all started back in 2016 when two people with an immense passion for dance came together and decided to share it with as many people as possible. That’s when Latin Roots was born.

Our primary mission is to bring people together and encourage them to experience the joys of a true Latin world which is a world in its own right. Imagine what it would be like to have your own world to go to, to relax from everything else that this crazy life offers us.


I only had few lessons with Magda and Wellington, but they were enough to show their skills and passion they put in teaching you how to dance. I will definitely attend more lessons. And the parties are great too!

Daniele Landi


Magda is a wonderful teacher, coach and bright personality each week. The other half of the teaching duo, Wellington, is amazing with his patience. His eye for details and help with all the subtle layers of leading is one of best around. As a teaching couple they can help leaders and followers alike. Classes are always full of laughter. Highly recommended them.

Samantha Ankara Fuller


The class was amazing!! I really liked it! It was a proper dance class...for the first time after months i was really into it.. concentrated..not bored at all! And when the class finished i knew that i had learned something new!

Evita Antoniou


Wellington Black

About me

Call me Wellington. I also go by the alias of DJ Black. If there's a word that could describe me, it's Kinonespervering. That is I am kind, honest, and persevering!

Dance Journey

I didn't choose dancing. Dancing chose me. How? You may ask. Born in Dominican Republic where Bachata music and dance was all the rage, I was listening to Bachata even when I was in my mum's belly. My uncle inspired me at a young age and I began to copy his moves. Fast forward to today, here I am, still found dancing! As a young lad, I moved to Cadiz in Spain where I was introduced to sensual version of Bachata which hadn't caught up fame yet at the time. It was a style created by Korke Escalona. That's when I really started to take dancing seriously and got into a dance school. I was committed to improve through relentless practise. In Edinburgh, where there is a growing friendly community of Latin dancers, I found Magda, with whom I co-founded Latin Roots. Dancing is what connected us and that was the craze we shared. So much so that we decided to take the joys of Latin dancing to other people and that's where our journey began.

My Philosophy

Dancing changes lives, it changed mine! What I like most about dancing - How it connects people. I have made some life-long friendships and found the love of my life through it.

Magdalena Handkowska

About me

Call me Magda. If there's a word that could describe me, it's Dedicambitionate. That is, I am dedicated, ambitious, and passionate.

Dance Journey

I am the co-founder of Latin Roots and also work as a qualified full-time dance instructor and choreographer. From my childhood days, I have loved to dance my heart out to beautiful tunes. It was in 2012 when I first attended a Salsa lesson, from day 1 till today I am still dancing. I cannot imagine my life without dance. I quickly learned Latin Dancing is for everyone and was inspired to travel to many congresses and cities in Europe to learn from the very best instructors. I studied intensely at the same time as I was finishing my degree at university. Soon after, I, with my amazing dance partner Wellington, founded Latin Roots to share the joys of dancing with other people. We travelled to Spain to receive formal qualification and now work in partnership with the World Mastery. I also specialize in Ladies Styling Choreographies to bring together women who want to express themselves through dance. It is always a rewarding experience.

My Philosophy

What I love about dancing - It has no limits. I get to meet so many people, of different ages, abilities, and interests coming together and that warms my heart.


World Mastery

Latin Roots is a World Mastery certified Latin Dance Academy.

Latin dances have evolved into very stylised and sophisticated dance forms. They have their own technique and in order for your instructors to guide you in your learning, professional training is crucial!

That is why it is important, when choosing your Latin dance school, to look into the qualifications of the instructors and the programs the school has to offer.

World Mastery Programs

These are teaching programs and syllabus that have been created by top instructors in the world in their styles. It’s a world class system that has given proven results and has produced some of the finest bachata and salsa dancers in the world.

At Latin Roots you can learn from the programs of:

The creators of Sensual Bachata Korke & Judith

The world top Dominican Bachata instructors Alex and Desiree

Adolfo Indacochea the successor of The Mambo King Eddie Torres