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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to book in advance to attend the classes?

Yes, you are required to book in advance even if you have a membership. Bookings can easily be done through the website or your mobile app.


Am I required to bring a partner?

No. Latin dances are social dances! We rotate leaders and followers throughout the class, so everyone gets the chance to dance with a partner!


How long does the class last?

Our classes last 45 minutes each. Special workshops and choreography courses may vary.


What shoes do I need to wear?

Most students usually choose to wear dance shoes as they are regular dancers but if you are starting in the beginners’ class, simply wear the shoes you are comfortable in, preferably ones that do not stick to the floor easily and aren’t slippery.


What is the average age group of your students?

All of Latin Roots students are adults and we don’t enforce any age barrier. The age range tends to be anywhere from 18 to 50+. Everybody is welcome in our classes!


When can I start my first dance class if I’m a beginner?

You can join us at any time! Get in touch to try your first day for free and if you like it, sign up for the 8 weeks beginners course.


How long will it take me to learn to dance?

That depends on how often you practice or dance, and how proficient you would like to become. Of course, as with any new activity the more time you spend on it the faster you’ll see the results. Think about how much time you’d like to spend on dancing and set your expectations accordingly. In the beginning we encourage our students to come in optimally 1-3 times a week to get the maximum practice time.

As you are doing your beginners course you can already start coming for social dancing and that will make you get better  A LOT faster! You have them for free included in the course.

We suggest people start with a mixture of group classes, private lessons, and social dancing to accelerate their learning. You can also refer to our Level Guidance to have a rough idea. The best is to enjoy the journey and the results will come!


I've danced before, can I come to the improvers or intermediate classes?

If you have never taken classes with us before, we recommend you come in for the beginners’ or improvers’ class so that the instructor can assess your level. The instructor will recommend for you to go to the next level as long as you have a good foundation of the previous level.


Why don’t I see any advanced classes?

We value quality over quantity. The names of the levels are just labels and there is a tendency in people to want to jump to the next level very quickly.

Here at Latin Roots, we care about how you progress in your learning, and we are honest to tell you it takes more than 3 weeks to become a high level dancer. What you should focus on is the journey, the elements you are learning, if you can apply them correctly. If there is a demand for more advanced classes, we listen and we will make it happen.

I like to schedule a private class, what do I have to do?

Please refer to our Private Classes section to have a look at all the details.

How long are the private lessons?

Duration of private classes is usually 1 hour.

Free Day Pass, how does it work?

If this if your first time at Latin Roots you can register for a Free Day Pass. This gives you access to 2 free classes and social dancing on the day.

Register through our online system or mobile app and sign up for your free day pass. Book yourself for the classes you want to try and we will see you then.

Upon arrival we will welcome you and answer any questions you might have or sign you up for regular classes, whether you are a beginner or have danced before.

It is for new students only. If you have been to our classes before, even if it was a long time ago you are not eligible for the Free Day Pass and will be cancelled from the booking or asked to pay for the selected classes.

Why should I get a membership at Latin Roots?

Our membership gives you the best value and they have so much more to offer than just classes. It is an amazing way to connect with all students and instructors, making it a club to attend 3 times per week!

How do I navigate your mobile app?

Book your classes at any time through your mobile app. Download WellnessLivingAchieve App and sign in with your log in credentials.

Important: You will need to have signed up online before to be able to access the mobile up for Latin Roots.