Join Your Dance Cohort. Connect with Your Classmates

Find your class's dedicated WhatsApp group below and connect with fellow dancers!

Benefits of Connecting

  1. Peer Support: Find answers, advice, and encouragement directly from your fellow dancers.
  2. Shared Experiences: Relate with others on the same learning journey, celebrating successes and navigating challenges.
  3. Inspiration & Motivation: Witness your classmates’ progress, and let it drive your own growth.
  4. Resource Exchange: Share and discover favourite dance videos, music tracks, and helpful articles.
  5. Community Connections: Build lasting friendships and connections in the vibrant world of Latin dance.
  6. Collaborative Learning: Discuss class lessons, share insights, and deepen understanding together.
  7. Practice Partners: Find classmates nearby for in-person practice sessions or virtual dance meetups.

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Tap your class date β†’ Open WhatsApp β†’ Join Chat.


Q1: Who can see my phone number?

A1: Only the members of the WhatsApp group can see your phone number. Please ensure you’re comfortable with this before joining.

Q2: Can I leave the group anytime?

A2: Absolutely. You’re free to leave the group at any point if you feel it’s not beneficial or if you have any concerns.

Q3: What kind of content can I share in the group?

A3: We encourage sharing dance-related content such as videos, music, and articles. Always ensure the content is respectful and appropriate for all members.

Q4: Can I share events or classes from outside of Latin Roots in this group?

A4: We genuinely appreciate everyone’s passion and involvement in the broader dance community! This group’s primary purpose is to focus on our collective experience and journey here at Latin Roots. While we celebrate and encourage everyone’s broader dance explorations, we kindly ask that this specific chat remain centred on our classes, events, and direct experiences. It helps keep our discussions streamlined and relevant to all members. Thank you for understanding and being part of our wonderful community!

Q5: How is privacy maintained in the group?

A5: We expect all members to respect each other’s privacy. Do not share any content from the group outside of it without permission.

Q6: Are there group rules I should be aware of?

A6: Basic rules include being respectful, not spamming the group, and keeping discussions dance-related. Any form of bullying or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

Q7: Will I miss out if I don’t join the group?

A7: While the group provides an additional platform for connection and sharing, the core of your learning will still be in the classes. Joining is completely optional and for those who want extra peer interaction.

Q8: Can I join more than one group if I attend multiple classes?

A8: Yes, you can join groups corresponding to any class you attend. However, ensure you’re actively participating and it’s beneficial for your learning experience.

Q9: What if I have a concern or issue in the group?

A9: If you have any concerns, please reach out to us directly.

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