Aberdeen Salsa &
Bachata Classes + Social

New salsa and bachata classes in Aberdeen with Wellington Black and Eleanna. After classes it's time to party with a kick ass social with DJ Black and the instructors. πŸ₯³

Learn To Dance Salsa And Bachata With Top Instructors

Salsa and Bachata Classes in Aberdeen

New salsa and bachata classes in Aberdeen with Wellington Black and Eleanna. Good foundation and technique are the keys to becoming a great social dancer. Train with us and you will see results from the first class. After the classes, is time to party with a kick-ass social with DJ Black and the instructors. πŸ₯³

How It Works

At Latin Roots, we teach Cross Body Salsa on 1. 😊
If you have been dancing for a few months but you are still not comfortable with travelling turns, double turns or If you already dance salsa but a different style, for example, Cuban, then we would recommend you to start with our level 2 class.
At Latin Roots, we teach a mix of Sensual, Moderna and Dominican bachata. Why choose one when you can have it all, right?😜
If you are not familiar with the Sensual Bachata technique definitely join our Level 2 class first.
βœ¨π™‹π™§π™€-π™π™žπ™₯: Even if you are planning to join the Level 3 classes, you will greatly benefit by taking them combined with the Level 2 classes where all the foundations will be laid out.

🚨These classes are not suitable for absolute beginners

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